Within the dental industry, it is commonly known that the customer base of any dental practice is developed at a faster pace through not only high quality knowledge and service, but through professionalism. In the same way a retail store would have its best fashion lines in the shop window, your website’s landing page can portray its’ professionalism through its hypothetical shop window; i.e. your website’s landing page.

The landing page must make a good impression and in order to do so would need to have at its core, strong aesthetics, a professional but easy-to-use look and attractive features in order to encourage visitors to explore the services offered and view other pages of your website. If a landing page lacks these powerful components and appear complex and confusing with very little attracting features, then it can deter visitors from continuing to explore the full website.

Without the strong aesthetics and features for a great dental landing page being intact, it is likely that visitors will halt at the landing page and it could be the only page they view. What you choose to have on the landing page is crucial because every image down to the smallest of icons must be relevant and engaging. Although the features need to be relevant, it is important to be careful in being selective in what you offer on the landing page as having too many links can provide too much choice to visitors who would find it overwhelming. A poorly designed landing page would result in your practice running the risk of missing out on potential conversion of visitors into customers.

A landing page is more than just the first impression of your practice. When designing yours, it is important to have the following checklist in mind:

1. Conversion

Having the most stunningly striking page with engaging features will be of limited advantage to your practice without that avenue in place for customers to take their interest a step further when they want to know more about a product or service which interests them and allow for sales to be generated. This is often known as the “call to action button”.

2. Learn your leads

A powerful landing page will allow you to learn and make new leads for your practice and eventually grow your business. As potential customers will be the ones landing on your website, your landing page should be a mechanism for visitors to leave you with their details to answer enquiries and therefore provide the network base for your visitors which hopefully convert to customers.

3. Finding you

Before your visitors can even get to view your amazing landing page, your website needs to be found in the search criteria used. The choice of words you use on your landing page therefore need to be ones which your visitors are selecting when searching for particular products or services, otherwise they will not find your website.

4. First look fundamentals

The first look of your landing page must be memorable, relevant and engaging. The use of images can stick within your visitors’ minds longer than reams of text and relevance in what information appears and the language used can impact how engaging the landing page is with your visitors.

5. What is your USP?

Ensure that your landing page successfully portrays what makes your practice “you” and what makes your dental practice different from others in the industry. Use the features of your business which make your practice unique. Your landing page must effectively communicate your USP in order to be successful in converting visitors.

6. Show your services

Don’t be modest about how far-reaching and broad your dental services can go in providing customers with the best dental care and advice. If there are other segments and niche areas within your business, show this on your landing page.

7. Social media

Professionalism also comes from showing you are connected as a dental practice. Provide links to your social media pages so visitors can view testimonials on your services.

Do you need a new landing page or help in re-designing an existing one? Our team at DenTek Digital can support you in providing expert advice in guiding you on the essentials in creating a perfect landing page and analysing the opportunities to grow your business. with the benefits that a successful landing page can provide for your practice. We are on board to help you with any queries you may have, please do not hesitate to give us a call.

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